Dolce Vita Espresso installs and services compact reverse osmosis systems, water softeners and filters for restaurants & cafes, lunch /break rooms, and for the home.  We can install RO from 75GPD up to 2000GPD depending on your requirements. You will now have pure water for espresso machines, coffee brewers, ice-makers -  AND end your monthly water softener exchange tank service.

We install the OMNIPURE and EVERPURE line of filters.   We can set you up on a recurring filter maintenance schedule, please call us.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!  RO filtration technology is advancing rapidly - Now available are amazing high efficiency hi-output COMPACT osmosis filtration systems that we can install inexpensively in a small space for your cafe or restaurant.   

IMPORTANT:   TAKE NOTE PLEASE:  Espresso machines with boilers require either bottled water (tank models)  a water softener or RO filtration.  NOTHING ELSE IS ACCEPTABLE.   Do not use Body Gloves, cheapo water filters, Britas or ANY SUCH THING.

Compact reverse osmosis is THE filtration of choice for restaurants and cafes!   Our compact low-maintenance RO systems require inexpensive filter changes every 6-9 months!  When combined with multiple storage tanks, these systems are infinitely expandable.   CALL TODAY for an analysis of your specific filtration requirements!   

Alkaline Reverse Osmosis: We always install Post-RO alkaline/GAC filtration.  This adjusts the pH of the RO water to make it more neutral / less acid,   as pure RO water is somewhat hard on espresso machines.   There are certain claims made as to the health benefits of alkaline water - up to you to do the research here.

**BULLETIN**  We're getting a LOT of calls asking technical questions regarding our compact RO systems.  Folks,  we suggest you do the research online as needed and then call us.   We can customize / add on specialized filters to handle any requirement, please inquire.  ALL of our systems provide chloramine reduction, sediment trapping, and pH neutralizing post RO.

**BULLETIN**  We stock super-efficient units that do 3:1 permeate vs. brine ask us.

**BULLETIN**   We do NOT install or repair any type of whole house / large scale filtration system.  We do compact RO installation for cooking / drinking water purposes.  This saves endless delivery of those huge 5 gallon water bottles.

DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR FILTRATION SYSTEM.  We run into a large number of neglected, mis-configured and OBSOLETE filtration systems for restaurants and cafes.   Please note, all filters must be replaced at 6-9 month intervals.  Not doing this risks a serious health issue.  Ice machine filters must be replaced as scheduled or equipment damage is likely.